The “Conquer Your Disease” Masterclass Video Training Series – Cancer Reversal Video

The “Conquer Your Disease” Masterclass Rebroadcast Starts at 8pm Eastern time

WOW! What an event! Thousands tuned in for my first ever Masterclass for Conquering Your Disease! If you missed it, don’t worry… we will be doing a rebroadcast it tonight at 8pm Eastern time.

Dr. Fred

In this Video, You'll Discover:

  1. Why cancer rates in this country have increased by a jaw-dropping 170% in the past 50 years. (My decades of research show this shocking increase isn’t due to smoking, sun exposure, or any of the mainstream’s usual scapegoats…)

  2. A simple way to completely eliminate the No. 1 cause of cancer from your body in just 3 days. (This is the very first thing I do for EVERY cancer patient who walks through my door.)

  3. The supplement you can get in any supermarket that can cut your risk of dying of cancer in HALF

Dr. Pescatore’s Conquer Your Disease Masterclass

Date: Sunday March 24th

Time: 3pm Eastern Time

03/24/2019 03:00 PM America/New_York Dr. Pescatore's Conquer Your Disease Masterclass Discover how to prevent, reverse, and completely eliminate the deadliest diseases plaguing America false MM/DD/YYYY

What to Expect:

A start-to-finish plan for preventing, treating and reversing the deadliest diseases out there – including Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and all forms of Cancer. All without deadly drugs or grisly surgery.

During this live presentation, you will discover…

  1. The 3-day cancer-reversing miracle covered up by the government for 50 years

  2. The simple, natural compound that can revive even the most “hopeless” Alzheimer’s patients in as little as 90 minutes

  3. The weird, Japanese breakfast food that acts like natural “Drano” for your arteries

  4. The completely drug-free plan confirmed by researchers at UK’s famed Newcastle University to REVERSE Type 2 diabetes

  5. The scalpel-free joint replacement ERASING arthritis pain in just minutes

  6. And so much more…

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